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I’m Supporting Proposition 1: Fix Tacoma Streets

Prop 1I’m supporting Proposition 1 – Fix Tacoma Streets in a big way for the following reasons:

Everywhere I go, I hear from neighbors, business owners and visitors: When are we going to fix our streets in Tacoma? The condition of our streets is a top issue for most residents in Tacoma and has been for a long time. Finally, we have a sustainable, dedicated, real solution— Prop 1 on this November’s ballot.

☻Prop 1 focuses on the basics: neighborhood street maintenance and repairs.
☻Prop 1 would permanently repair an additional 3,600 potholes a year in every neighborhood
☻Prop 1 would pave an additional 510 neighborhood streets in the first 5 years alone!
☻Repairing our roads before they fail costs 14x less than waiting until they fail
☻With historically low construction costs – every dollar we spend now goes further to improve our neighborhoods.

Tacoma Street Improvements & Safety Upgrades

BASICS – Neighborhood Streets Maintenance and Repairs
☻City road and bridge improvements citywide
☻Repairs to neighborhood streets and arterials city-wide
☻Potholes fixed permanently in every neighborhood
☻Pedestrian sidewalk repairs on locals streets
☻Improved signal timing to keep traffic moving
☻Coordinate the timing of road repairs with water and sewer improvements.

SAFETY Upgrades to City Roads, Arterials and Bridges
☻Added safety crosswalks and flash beacons near schools
☻Make intersections and crosswalks safer for pedestrians
☻Street and arterial maintenance and pothole repairs for safer travel
☻Basic maintenance of city-owned bridges to keep them safe
☻Neighborhood streets and road safety upgrades city-wide

SOLE PURPOSE – Dedicated Funding for Street Improvements
☻Funds dedicated to basic maintenance of neighborhood streets
☻Funds dedicated to city road, arterial and bridge repairs
☻Funds dedicated to pothole repairs and other basic maintenance
☻Funds dedicated to improved signal timing to keep traffic moving
☻Funds dedicated to safety improvements to crosswalks near schools, sidewalks, and intersections.

JOBS & INVESTMENT NEEDED NOW – Stretches Dollars Further
☻Historically low construction costs – invest now and stretch dollars further.
☻Jobs – Prop. 1 creates hundreds of local family-wage jobs – now when we need them
☻Invest in Tacoma’s economy – $10-11 million annually back into the city now
☻Just like the leaky roof. Fix it now or costs a lot more in the future. Make Street REPAIRS now for less instead of 14 times more expensive to REPLACE in the future because of further deterioration.

2% PERCENT – Tax on Utility Company Earnings
☻2% tax on the earnings of electric, natural gas and phone utility companies – generates $10-11 million in additional streets improvements funding annually
☻Tacoma utility taxes are more than 30% lower than others in the region
☻Even if utility companies pass along 2% to ratepayers in the future, the cost to the average residential ratepayer would be less than $4.72 per month and the actual increase is likely to be less.


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