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Fix Tacoma Streets – Vote Yes on Propositions 3 & A

On your November 3rd Ballot in Tacoma, you will have a chance to finally Fix Tacoma Streets.  Propositions 3 & A will raise $175 million and allow the City to qualify for over $325 million for our basic infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, walking paths, crosswalks and bridges) so we can improve the quality and safety for all users, including cars, pedestrians, …

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3-1-1 & Tacoma First App: Get your questions answered!

Now, you can even download the Tacoma First App on your smartphone and use the app to do many of these functions you would traditionally call or email in for service or answer. Check it out and use it often like I do to improve your neighborhood and community! Did you know? 3-1-1 is a centralized telephone number that provides live and …

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Working Hard for YOU: Greenroads

One of the big projects I’ve been working on lately is the Greenroads Policy. Greenroads are a way to take our various planning documents and desires for the kinds of streets, sidewalks and public spaces we want and turn them into a reality. On July 8, the Tacoma City Council passed a resolution that I proudly co-sponsored to ensure that our future roads …

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I’m Supporting Proposition 1: Fix Tacoma Streets

I’m supporting Proposition 1 – Fix Tacoma Streets in a big way for the following reasons: Everywhere I go, I hear from neighbors, business owners and visitors: When are we going to fix our streets in Tacoma? The condition of our streets is a top issue for most residents in Tacoma and has been for a long time. Finally, we …

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Join us for the Prop. 1 Finance Kick-Off: Fix Tacoma Streets! [View Invitation]

Click here to view: Fix Tacoma Streets – Invitation   Interested in donating to Prop. 1? Send a check to “Fix Tacoma Streets” at 1106 South Yakima, Tacoma, WA 98405 or join us at our Campaign Kick Off! When: 7:30 – 9:00 AM, Thursday, September 19th Where: The Hub Event Space 203 Tacoma Avenue South Tacoma, WA 98402 RSVP: Dillon Gilbert, 253-970-9177, FixTacomaStreets@gmail.com To learn more …

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Vote for Proposition 1 – Streets & Safety

When I hear from members of the Tacoma community what you are most concerned about, time and time again I hear how you want the City to fix our streets, repair potholes more quickly and completely, as well as improve safety around schools and busy intersections. Prop 1 offers a solution to these important issues: Prop 1 would dedicate $11 million/year …

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