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Fix Tacoma Streets – Vote Yes on Propositions 3 & A

On your November 3rd Ballot in Tacoma, you will have a chance to finally Fix Tacoma Streets.  Propositions 3 & A will raise $175 million and allow the City to qualify for over $325 million for our basic infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, walking paths, crosswalks and bridges) so we can improve the quality and safety for all users, including cars, pedestrians, bikes and transit.  Propositions 3 & A will cost the average Tacoman $7.50/month.

You can find out more at yestacomastreets2015.com.

While most people understand the only way we will make meaningful improvements to our basic infrastructure is by raising more dedicated revenues, I do get asked, “Doesn’t the City have the funds to fix our streets? Why don’t you just do a better job, or reprioritize our existing taxes?”

My answer: It is not in my or the City’s political interest to be hiding money and not addressing this obvious and important issue. Elections have consequences and unfortunately Tim Eyman Ballot measures approved in the early 2000s really restricted local government’s ability to have the necessary revenues to take care of the basics like our streets. (These ballot measures were rejected by a majority of Tacoma voters, but unfortunately approved by a majority of Washington voters, and we must live with the consequences.)

Propositions 3 & A are our way to fix our crumbling infrastructure, and improve our neighborhoods and safety for all modes of travel.

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