Our region is confronting very tough challenges. The stakes are too high and Pierce County needs trusted, results-oriented leadership to make real progress. We are all worried about how to afford our day-to-day lives. Housing, protecting our environment and rising costs in our region continue to be at the forefront of our minds. Each of these concerns must be tackled at the regional level to have an impact. 

That’s why I’m running for Pierce County Council. I pledge to continue my long-standing commitment to this county, finding balanced solutions to our most pressing challenges. Homelessness, affordability, community safety, parks, mental health services, good jobs closer to home – these are tough problems needing experienced, thoughtful leadership.

I know how important collaboration is to make our community better. On the Tacoma City Council, I worked across differences and made real change – supporting working families with a higher minimum wage and paid sick leave and made our neighborhoods stronger with better streets, sidewalks, parks and a cleaner environment.

I ask for your vote.